I'm a particle physicist based at University of Wisconsin-Madison, working primarily as part of the NOvA and DUNE collaborations. My main research interests are sterile neutrino oscillations and development of liquid argon time projection chambers.


University of Wisconsin-Madison

2019-Present | Postdoctoral Research Associate


Lancaster University

2015-2019 | PhD Physics

Durham University

2013-2014 | MSc Particles, Strings, and Cosmology

Aberystwyth University

2010-2013 | BSc Astrophysics

Select Publications

Investigations on a fuzzy process: effect of diffusion on calibration and particle identification in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers

A. Lister and M. Stancari

2022 | JINST

Search for an anomalous excess of charged-current νe interactions without pions in the final state with the MicroBooNE experiment

The MicroBooNE Collaboration

2022 | Phys. Rev. D

Improved measurement of neutrino oscillation parameters by the NOvA experiment

The NOvA Collaboration

2022 | Phys. Rev. D

Measurement of the longitudinal diffusion of ionization electrons in the MicroBooNE detector

The MicroBooNE Collaboration

2021 | JINST

For more publications see my iNSPIRE page